Stepping forward

EcoPress. Ecological printed surfaces

A new concept of engineered surfaces to lead the stone sector. Dare to discover it.

EcoPress is a revolutionary new engineered stone composed of recycled material, high-quality minerals and a low-silica content. 4R Surfaces is manufactured with an innovative and sustainable 4R Technology and printed by our unique Nano-ink Technology.

Environmentally friendly formulation

Our surfaces have a hybrid formulation with up to 70% of recycled materials such as glass and minerals, and no more than 20% crystalline quartz extracted from our own quarries. Over the years, we have evolved towards innovative and more respectful solutions with the environment and the communities.

Drastically reduction of waste in the 4R Surfaces chain value.

The use of recycled components in our slabs simplifies the manufacturing process. Reducing the percentage of new materials in the composition achieves a significant improvement in the usage of post-consumer content. That means less waste ending up in landfills.


With a drastic reduction of crystalline silica
Recycled materials in its composition
Zero water waste
Lower environment impact

0 %


Less than 20% crystalline silica
in all our surfaces.

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Up to 70% recycled content, such as glass, in the composition of the slabs.

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Nearly the 100% of the water required in the manufacturing process is reused.

We step forward toward
a sustainable and safe future

After years of investigation, our engineers have developed a cutting-edge technology to lead the stone sector with a sustainable and safety-driven vision. 4R Tech is the realization of our commitment with the planet and its communities.

All our slabs, developed with this innovative technology, contain up to 70% of recycled materials in their composition and less than 20% of respirable crystalline silica. We perform zero water waste and almost the 100% of the water needed in the manufacturing process is re-used.

A revolutionary way
of printing.

Nano-Ink Technology

Vibrant colors, sharpness and clarity in every pattern with the highest definition achieved on any engineered surface.
Our exclusive Nano-Ink Technology transforms the paradigm of printed engineered stones.

Patented 5D Nanotechnology

Under high temperature and high pressure, Nano Ink Technology penetrates the slabs and injects the ink up to 1mm under the surface.
It drastically improves the stability of colors, creates a deep 3D effect, and provides better resistance to scratches.

The perfect match
to real stone

The unique formulation of 4R Surfaces, together with our patented printing Nano-Ink Technology, brings a durable and resilient product that perfectly imitates natural stone. 

The glass in the composition provides a translucency equivalent to real marble. 4R Surfaces achieves a higher light reflection, brightness and clarity than any other engineered stone available. Our surfaces have the whitest backgrounds with no visible grains in the particulate.

Ease of fabrication

The fabrication process of 4R Surfaces requires no changes in processing techniques when compared to traditional quartz surfacing. There is no changes in cutting techniques, consumable tooling, adhesives or handling of the material. 

Mitering is recommended for edge profiles, but other edge options such as knife edge / shark nose or a simple straight polished edges also provide a sleek, contemporary look.

engineered stones designed to last

We create durable and low-maintenance surfaces that allow your countertops and vanity tops to endure over time. Our exclusive NEOS technology keeps surfaces stain-free and protects them against the most common household chemicals. This makes it possible to create aesthetic and elegant spaces without compromising on functionality.

4R Surfaces sustainable quartz can be used without fear of being scratched as long as normal and responsible use of the surface is practiced.

The revolutionary Nano-Ink Technology penetrates the surface delivering an unsurpassable high-definition, sharpness and clarity. Colors remain unchanged and stable over time.

The NEOS protectant added to the low porosity of the material keeps 4R Surfaces clean and free from stains. Only minimal maintenance is required.

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