With less than 20% crystalline silica
Use of recycled materials
A new vision for a better Impact in our Environment

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Less than 20% crystalline silica

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Lower environmental impact. Up to 70% reduced respirable crystalline silica when compared to traditional quartz surfacing.

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Recycling nearly 100% of the water required in the manufacturing process.

engineered stones designed to last

We create durable and low-maintenance surfaces that allow your countertops and vanity tops to endure over time. Our exclusive NEOS technology keeps surfaces stain-free and protects them against the most common household chemicals. This makes it possible to create aesthetic and elegant spaces without compromising on functionality.

Symphony Scratch Resistance

Symphony sustainable quartz can be used without fear of being scratched as long as normal and responsible use of the surface is practiced.

The revolutionary Nano-Ink Technology penetrates the surface delivering an unsurpassable high-definition, sharpness and clarity. Colors remain unchanged and stable over time.

The NEOS protectant added to the low porosity of the material keeps Symphony surfaces clean and free from stains. Only minimal maintenance is required.

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